Fostering Unity and Energizing Leadership

Fostering Unity and Energizing Leadership (FUEL) is an alliance of Weld County civic and business leaders committed to advancing citizens' understanding of the natural resource industries in our county, including oil and gas, agriculture, gravel and water. By providing balanced and accurate information, we will demonstrate the value of these industries to Weld County's quality of life and economic well-being.

The purpose of FUEL's outreach effort is to give residents of Weld County specific information about:

  • The monetary contributions these industries make to Weld County through jobs, taxes, royalties, purchasing, and direct contributions;
  • Examples of new or improved infrastructure that has been made possible by oil and gas, agriculture, gravel and water;
  • How leaders in these industries work in tandem with government to help create a higher quality of life in Weld County;
  • How other industries and business will grow because of the growth in agriculture, oil and gas, gravel and water; and
  • How property, mineral, surface and water rights play a role in the development of our natural resources.
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